Sometimes, two people who are looking to buy a home together have difficulties choosing one option because they can’t agree on certain features or amenities.

When one of our clients is facing this situation, we resolve it by having them use a tool called “the triangle.” The triangle is simply a list of the top three essential features the clients can both agree are needed in their future home.

Focus on the three most important things you want in your new house. Not five, not six—just three. Everything else is an opportunity to increase the value of that house.

The reality is, no home is perfect—whether it’s a new construction or recently rehabbed. After you’ve found a home within your triangle, put your investor’s hat on. You can fix up any other problem areas in the house that aren’t a part of your triangle. For instance, if a bathroom in the house needs updating, you now have the opportunity to build equity in your new home by fixing it up yourself. When the time comes to sell it, you’re reaping the benefits of that equity instead of buying someone else’s premium.

“Focus on the three most important things you want in your new house.”

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